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Go for Sandi

I contacted Sandi and we sent a few emails back and forth about where to meet. I wanted someplace public, but she wanted to meet in a deserted field. We settled on a gas station next to a deserted field. I drove there the next day and searched around for Sandi. She wasn’t hard to spot, being six feet tall and three hundred pounds. We waved to each other and headed inside the station’s convenience store to dine on stale hot dogs and tubs of soda.

After we ate, she practically dragged me out to the field and pushed a shovel into my hands. She batted her eyes and said it would mean the world to her if I buried her alive. She pulled out a large breathing tube and told me it was perfectly safe. I thought her profile was joking!

Thanking her for a wonderful evening, I said I was late for a doctor’s appointment and hightailed it back to my car. Ladies like her were never a good bet. Sure, it’s exciting to meet a gal with unusual desires, but it always ends bad. Plus, I wanted to try for a more sane girl this time.